about shedding tears on a dead branch, bringing it back to life and other miracles of the desert. On texts from the Apophthegmata Patrum (Sayings of the Desert Fathers) and Byzantine chronicles

Written for alto Helena Rasker and violinist Liza Ferschtman for the Delft Chamber Music Festival


for alto and eight musicians (no conductor required)

flute (a.fl./picc.), ob. / c.a., cl. (Bb/ bass), perc., pno./ cel.
violin, viola, cello

language : classical Greek
first performance : June 18 2013 at the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam, during the Holland Festival


Suster Bertken
on the life and the poetry of the 15th-century anchoress

Suster Bertken             soprano
Prior Dirck van Malsen   baritone (playing bar. saxophone)
Jezus                           two boy-sopranos

Ensemble of 21 musicians: 2 fl./ 1 rec.*)/1 ob./2 cl./1 bsn./1 hrn./1 tpt./1 pno.+cel./ 1 hrp./2 perc./4 vl./2 vla./2 vc./ 1 cb.
*) 2nd flute and recorder-part can be combined by one player

languages: medieval-Dutch and Latin
first performance: December 4 2010 Concertgebouw Amsterdam

libretto (English transl.)
libretto (Nederlandse hertaling)
More info

Adam in Ballingschap


after Joost van den Vondel's 17th-century play on the expulsion from Paradise

for nine soloists, chorus (16 singers) and chamber-orchestra.
Eva         colorature-soprano
Adam      baritone
Belial      tenor
Asmode  bariton
Lucifer    bas
Gabriel   sopraan
Rafael    countertenor
Michael  alto
Uriël       bass

Choir: 4 sopr. 3 mez.-sopr., 2 alto 2 ten. 2 bar. 3 bass
Chamberorchestra : 3 fl./2 ob./ 3 cl./ 2 bsn./ 4 hrn./ 3 tpt./ 2 trb./ 4 perc./ 1 pno.+cel./ 1 hrp./ str.: 9/6/4/4/3 (51 musicians)


language: Dutch
first performance:
June 5 2009, during the Holland Festival at the Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam




Der Hund


nach Otto Weiningers "Über die letzten Dinge"

Otto Weininger  tenor
Hündin I            soprano
Hündin II           mezzo-soprano

eight musicians. (fl. cl. hrn. vl. vla. vc. pno/synth. and perc.)

Language: German
first performance: November 16 2006, at the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam


libretto  more info


Rage d'Amours


on Joanna the Insane and Philip the Handsome.
Commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra for the Tanglewood Music Center

for ten singers plus chamber-orchestra
Juana 1                                                 soprano
Juana 2                                                 soprano
Juana 3                                                 soprano
Philip the Handsome                             tenor
Old Galician woman/ Washerwoman    mezzo-soprano
Pierchon de Rue                                   baritone
Philibert Naturel/Monk 1                       countertenor
Monk 2 / nobleman                               tenor
Monk 3 / sailor 1                                   baritone
Monk 4 / sailor 2                                   bass

language: middle-French, Spanish and Latin
first performance: August 8 2003 at Tanglewood

music sample
libretto Rage d'Amours
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on poetic gems by William McGonagall

for colorature-soprano, 4 ’celli, double bass, 2 pianos and percussion

I    For Two Pianos
II   Address to the New Tay Bridge
III  For two pianos and strings
IV  The Tay Bridge Disaster

language: English
first performance: August 11th 2001 at Tanglewood

music samples
lyrics McGonagall-Lieder
more info:  English  Dutch








on the Patricia Hearst-abduction
Commisioned by the Münchener Biennale für Neues Musiktheater, in co-production with the Holland Festival and the Staatstheater Braunschweig

for six singers and large ensemble (19 musicians)

Patty H.                            soprano
Mother H./Lady of Justice soprano
Mizmoon                           mezzo-soprano
Mr.H.                                 tenor
Cinque                              baritone
Ambrose Bierce                 bass

Ensemble:2 fl./ 2 ob./2 cl./ hrn./ tpt./ trb./ 2 perc./pno./ hrp./ el.guit./ 2 vl./ vla./ vc./ cb.

language: English
first performance: May 5 1994 at the Muffathalle in Munich


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