programmnote: Dutch - English  Music Sample (Trance Position)

Trance Figuration

In 1990, I was asked by Jan Zekveld to compose an orchestral work for the VARA-Matinee, a Saturday afternoon-concert series in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. This resulted in Trance Formations , which was premiered in September '91 by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Richard Duffalo. While working on this piece, I felt that I had much more material and ideas and thoughts on orchestral music in mind, than I was able to utilize within the framework of this work. From this desire originated the idea for a larger, four-movement orchestral piece, of about 50 minutes long, on which I continued to work with intervals until the winter of '97. Trance Position and Trance Dance both received their first performances at the Nederlandse Muziekdagen, in1994 and '96, by the Radio Symfonie Orkest, conducted by Jacques van Steen. Trance Figuration , which actually serves as the third movement, was composed last and was premiered by the Residentie Orkest, conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw, in February '98.

With its duration of about seven minutes, Trance Figuration is the most concise movement of all four. It is predominantly constructed of fleeting melodic patterns; pivoting, undulating lines, which together create polyphone textures. The music has a more frivolous character. It adds a counterpoint to the ecstatic outbursts and the rhythmical energy of the cornerstones, Trance Formations and Trance Dance, and to the introvert contemplativeness of the second movement, Trance Position .

Though there is a network of internal relationships underneath the surface which provides unity, each movement contains its own, strongly pronounced identity and world of sound. The large form of Trance Symphonies was conceived intuitively, but actually comes remarkably close to that of a traditional symphonic form. Trance Figuration is a Scherzo , from this perspective; contrapuntal and nimble, more thinly orchestrated than the other movements. An integral performance of Trance Symphonies will take place in April 2005, by the Holland Symfonia.

Trance Figuration
was created with financial support of the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst, Amsterdam.