Nox    (2020)     27'

Five nocturnes for Hannes Minnaar, commissioned by him with financial support from the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (Amsterdam), November Music (Den Bosch), the Steinway Festival (San Jose,CA) and the Oranjewoud Festival (Friesland)

L'Heure bleu
Afscheid van Reinbert op Zorgvlied
(Farewell to Reinbert at Zorgvlied)
Perseids passing

available on cd (CC72853) and by streaming through Challenge Records

Four movements for flute and piano     (2007)     9'

Written for flutist Abbie de Quant and pianist Elizabeth van Malde. First performed on April 15th 2007 at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw (CD : FL 72413)

I suppose a fugue is out of the question?    (2002)     2'

Written for the celebration of Oliver Knussen's 50th birthday. First performed by Rolf Hind at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on June 12 2002. CD: Snapshots, London Sinfonietta, Sinf CD1-2004.

Muziek voor Twee Piano's     (2001)     4'

Written for the celebration of Hans Werner Henze's 75th birthday. First performance by Martin Zehn ('Martino Dieci' dixit HWH) and Moritz Eggert at a concert in the salon of La Leprara in Marino, Italy, on July 8th 2001. Published by Chester Music ("Summer in Marino" ISBN 0-7119-9190-1)

For Two Pianos II     (2000 / 01)     7'

( Part IV of the McGonagall-Lieder) First performance of the complete cycle by pianists David Santos and Michael Schütze at the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music, in August of 2001.

Bowery     (1997 / 98)     9'

Composed for Gerard Bouwhuis.

For Two Pianos   (1996)     9'

( Part I of the McGonagall-Lieder) Written for Gerard Bouwhuis and Cees van Zeeland, commissioned by the VARA-Matinee. First performed in October '96 at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

Easy Meat     (1996)     10'

Five pieces for moderately accomplished pianists.

Yaz     (1994)     3'

For Yasmin Collazo

Spank     (1990)     11'

Written for Kathy Supové, who gave the first performance of the piece in January 1991 in Boston. Has also been the mandatory work for a piano competition in Rotterdam, some years later. Great and memorable performances of the piece were also given by Ananda Sukarlan and Gerard Bouwhuis.

Ground     (1985)     4'

Composed while I studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory, I am not quite sure whether I still studied with Philippe Boesmans at that time, or perhaps already with Klaas de Vries. It was my first work to be performed at an 'official' concert: a free lunch hour concert at the foyer of Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht, on April 16th 1986. Pianist Henk van Dijk did marvelous, and the audience of about a hundred people showed some polite enthusiasm. It was just a small scale event, where people working in the neighbourhood went to on their lunch break, the weather was bad and besides there was 'no admission'. But my heart was thumping, it was one of the greater days of my life. Also, I still like the piece!, even with these sentimental reasons taken out of the consideration.