Implorazione     (2018)    3'

For soprano and piano. On a poem by Gabriele d'Annunzio, from his Madrigali dell'estate. Written for Lucy Shelton, who gave the first performance, with pianist Kayo Iwama, at Merkin Hall, New York on February 24 2019, at a Vibrant Song concert celebrating her 75th birthday.

Cirkel     (2018)     10'

Commissioned by the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap, alias 'het Zwanenbroedersgilde' (the Swanbrothers Guild) for the celebration of their 700th anniversary. Lyrics (in Dutch) by city chronicler Eric Alink. First performance on September 23 2018 at the St.Jans Cathedral in Den Bosch by the Scola Cantorum Den Bosch, the Nederlands Jeugdkoor and Philharmonie Zuidnederland conducted by Karel Deseure.

Serres Impies     (2017)    27'

For soprano and five musicians (fl. cl. pno. vl. vc.) Based on fragments of the novel À Rebours by Joris-Karl Huysmans. Commissioned by the Transit Festival in Leuven and November Music, Den Bosch. First performance on October 21 2017 in Leuven, by Katrien Baerts and ensemble Het Collectief.

The First Thing     (2017)    2'

For low female voice and violin. Written for the celebration of Klaas de Vries' 70th birthday. On a short poem by Philip Larkin.

We are such stuff     (2016)    3'

For sixteen voices SATB, unaccompanied. Lyrics : 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep' from Shakespeare's The Tempest. First performance May 14th 2016 at the Chassétheater in Breda, by the Nederlands Kamerkoor, conducted by Manoj Kamps.

De Storm     (2016)    5'

For sixteen voices and solo voice (Hadewych Minis) Lyrics (in Dutch) by Spinvis. First performance same as above.

Berliner Chorbuch     (2014)    20'

For mixed choir a cappella. Commissioned by the RIAS Kammerchor.On poems by Ringelnatz, Marsman, Fuchs, Lehnmann and Gustas (in German and Dutch). Conceived for 34 voices SATB (10/8/8/8), but could be performed with a different amount of voices. Premiered on May 16 2014 at the Philharmonie in Berlin, by the RIAS-Kammerchor conducted by Hans-Christoph Rademann.

Bosch Requiem     (2013)     45'

For four soloists (soprano, alto, countertenor and baritone) choir (16 voices SATB)and large ensemble. Commissioned by the Jheronymus Bosch 500 Foundation for the commemoration of the death of the great painter in 1516. First performance took place on November 8 2013 at the St. Jans Cathedral in Den Bosch, by Katrien Baerts, Helena Rasker, Pascal Bertin, Thomas Oliemans, the Nederlands Kamerkoor and the ASKO|Schönberg ensemble conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw. Texts are derived from the Latin Missa pro defunctis.

Canciones del Alma     (2009/12)    60'

Eight songs, four interludes and an instrumental introduction on texts by San Juan de la Cruz. For soprano and large ensemble (2/2/3/1,2/2/1, 3 perc., pno/cel., hrp., strings:6/4/3/3/2. First performance March 31 at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw by soprano Katrien Baerts and the ASKO|Schönberg Ensemble conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw.

Calligramme/il pleut     (2009)    6'

(revision of the 1991 version) for soprano and mezzo-soprano unaccompanied, on a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Adam-Fragmenten     (2008)    18'

For alto and symphony orchestra (à3). Commissioned by the Noord Nederlands Orkest. First performance, sung by Helena Rasker, on April 10th 2008 in Groningen, conducted by Michel Tabachnik.

On ne développe pas, on se développe     (2006)    4'

For soprano and large ensemble (fl. ob. cl. bsn. 2 hrn. 2 tpt. trmb. 2 perc. pno. 5 vl. 3 vla. 2 vc. 2 cb.)Commissioned by the Prins Claus Conservatory for its inauguration, in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Der Hund (2005/ 06)    63'

For tenor, two female voices and eight musicians. On texts (in German) by Otto Weininger(see opera)

Feu     (2004)     30'

For tenor-soloist, choir (Domcantorij Utrecht), Bambuso Sonoro, (bamboo-organ crafted and played by Hans van Koolwijk) four renaissance-trombones and organ. On lyrics by Blaise Pascal. Composed on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Dom-church in Utrecht, where the first performances took place in July 2004, conducted by Remco de Graas.

Noche Oscura     (2003/ 04)     5'

For voice (sopr. mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone or bass) and piano / symphony orchestra (à3). Commissioned by the International Vocal Competition in Den Bosch as the mandatory work for the 2004 edition of their annual concours. Lyrics (in Spanish) on a poem by San Juan de la Cruz. First performance of the orchestral version on september 24 2004 by the Brabants Orkest, conducted by Kenneth Montgomery.

¡Pancho Villa!     (2003)     27'

For mezzo-soprano and large ensemble (Orkest de Volharding) : fl, 3 sax., 3 trpt., 3 trmb., piano and double bass. Lyrics (in Spanish) on quotes by Pancho Villa and Ambrose Bierce, from Eduardo Galeano's Memorias del Fuego. (Original version for voice and piano : 1988 / 90)

Gentil Cavallero     (2002)     4'

For mezzo-soprano and large ensemble (Orkest de Volharding) lyrics in Spanish, 16th century, anonymous.

La Pantera     (2002)     5'

For six voices, unaccompanied (2 sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, countertenor, tenor). On a poem by Jorge Luis Borges. Premiered at de Feniks in Antwerp, May 1 2002 o.a. by Judith Vindevogel and Gerrie de Vries.

Foemeneis Blandimentis Gaudebat     (2001)     17'

For soprano, five male voices and chamber orchestra. Commissioned by the VARA-Matinee. On lyrics by various 16th century sources, in Spanish and Latin. (see the libretto of Rage d'Amours, scene 7) First performance, sung by Lucy Shelton, on November 24 2001 at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, by Capella Amsterdam and the Radio Kamer Orkest, conducted by Peter Rundel.

Mutation     (2001)     3'

For soprano and mezzo-soprano unaccompanied, on a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire. Premiered by Charlotte Riedijk and Gerrie de Vries on a concert at November Music in Den Bosch, in that same year.

McGonagall-Lieder    (1997/ 2001)     58'

For colorature-soprano and ensemble (4 celli, double bass, two pianos and percussion)see opera First performance of the complete cycle took place in August 2001 in Tanglewood.

Nella Città Dolente    (1997/ 98)     15'

For eight voices a cappella. On lyrics by Dante Alighieri, Arthur Rimbaud and Louis-Ferdinand Céline (in Italian and French) Premiered at the Festival for Contemporary Music at Tanglewood in August '98 by students of the Vocal Faculty, conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw.

Les Murs     (1997)     6'

(revised version) For soprano and mezzo-soprano unaccompanied, on lyrics by Bernard-Marie Koltès (from his play Roberto Zucco)

Les Murs     (1993)     6'

For soprano and mezzo-soprano and two trumpets (see above)

Calligramme/ il pleut     (1991)     6'

For soprano and mezzo-soprano unaccompanied, on a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire. First performance by Reina Boelens and Gerrie de Vries at the Holland Festival, June 1991

¡Pancho Villa!     (1988/ 90)     27'

For mezzo-soprano and piano. Lyrics (in Spanish) on quotes by Pancho Villa and Ambrose Bierce, from Eduardo Galeano's Memorias del Fuego. Premiere performance of a more rudimentary version of the first song, by Gerrie de Vries and Han-Louis Meijer, took place somewhere in 1989 in Zaal de Unie in Rotterdam. This was also the first time a vocal work of mine was performed in public. The complete set of three songs received its first performance in 1990.