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Hercules (2019)

a soldier's opera

libretto (in English) by Valentijn D'Haenens, for baritone, soprano, symphony orchestra and electronincs

In my end is my beginning (2018)

a theatre concert around Mary Stuart

Music on Twenty sonnets to Mary Queen of Scots by Joseph Brodsky, combined with material from the repertoire (a.o. Schumann, Donizetti) for soprano, lute/ theorbe, pianoforte, electronics and film

Uwe Leipe Mastdramnis (2017)

the lonely death of a confused woman

for low female voice and small ensemble, on fragments of Paul van Ostaijen's Feesten van angst en pijn and nonsensical language

A love unsung (2015)

'an unsung opera' (no fat lady, in fact no singing at all)

for oboe quartet, actor and film

Troparion (2013)

a chamber opera on fasting, exaltation, hardship and miracles in the desert

for alto, solo violin and six musicians

Suster Bertken (2010)

opera on the 15th century anchoress from Utrecht and her story of the Nativity from the perspective of the Virgin Mary

for soprano, baritone, two boy sopranos, baritone saxophone and large ensemble

Adam in Ballingschap (2008/09)

opera on Joost van den Vondel's play Adam in Exile (1664)

for nine? singers and chamber orchestra

Der Hund (2005/06)

on Otto Weiniger's hour of death and a foray into his 'animal psychology'

chamber opera for tenor, soprano, mezzo-soprano and six musicians

Rage d'Amours (2003)

on the turbulent relationship of Juana la Loca and Philip the Handsome

for nine singers and chamber orchestra

Freeze (1993/94)

opera based on the saga of the Patricia Hearst-kidnap

for five singers and large ensemble